Best wishes to all JADEVER staff on their birthdays in July Jul 11, 2022

Best wishes to all JADEVER staff on their birthdays in July

A birthday is time to celebrate birth itself and the joy of life.


The birthday party in July comes as expected.


JADEVER holds a monthly birthday party for its employees to promote a sense of belonging and teamwork. Such warmth reunion can improve the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, promote team harmony and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees.


Surprisingly, this month is also our boss’s birthday. Mr. Huang and employees celebrate their birthdays together with sincere smiles., surrounded by beautiful flower and delicious cake.

The birthday party is a reflection of the company’s humane management and humanistic care for its employees. This welfare makes the majority of employees truly integrate into the company as a collective, thus maintaining a better working mentality and growing together with the company.

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