2022 Certification for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods of JWP battery 6V/4.5Ah Jun 29, 2022

2022Certification for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods of JWP battery 6V/4.5Ah

What is the inspection methods and procedures of JWP waterproof scale battery 6V/4.5Ah?

IMO International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code(2020 Edition)

Which test items have been tested?

1.Vibration test

2.Pressure differential test

3.Leakage test at 55℃

Under what standard terms do they test?

United Nations Chapter 3.3 Special Provisions 238(a) or (b)

What is the identification conclusion of JWP waterproof scale 6V/4.5Ah battery?

The substance is not subject to IMO IMDG Code according to special provision 238, the battery is a non-dangerous product.

What is the certificate number of Safe Transport of Chemical Goods of JWP battery 6V/4.5Ah?

No.2222 0023 4537 204

What test agency issue the certification?

It is issued by Shanghai Institute of Chemical Industry Testing Co.,Ltd.

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