Minor Cold Jan 05, 2023

Minor Cold

Minor Cold is the 23 solar term and happens on January 5 to January 7 when the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 285 degrees. To China, “Minor Cold” indicates the weather starts to enter the coldest days”.


During Minor Cold, most areas in China have entered the bitter cold stage of winter. The ground and rivers are frozen. The cold air from the north moves southward continuously.


During Minor Cold, people start stocking New Year goods, which include Spring Festival couplets, New Year pictures, paper-cuts for window decoration, fire crackers, incense and lanterns.


Although the name “Minor Cold” implies that it is not as cold as the next festival “Minor Cold”. According to Chinese meteorological data, Minor Cold is the lowest temperature period of the year, and there is also the ancient saying “cold in the Sanjiu period”.


“Sanjiu period” refers to the third nine-day period (the 19th-27th days) after the day of the Winter Solstice, which is in Minor Cold. Actually, Minor Cold is normally the coldest period of winter. It is important to keep warm during this period.


Generally, Minor Cold is the coldest period in China, which is the best time for exercising and improving one’s physique. To keep warm, Chinese children have special games to play, such as hoop rolling and the cockfighting game.


JADEVER reminds all colleagues and customers to keep warm and exercise properly.

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